It is true that even then it was known and acknowledged that many were greatly injured by it. But none seemed to think that injury arose from the use of a bad thing, but from the abuse of a very good thing.”  Abraham Lincoln 

We believe it is the responsibility of all legal age adults who choose to drink, to drink responsibly, in moderation and never drive drunk! 

Fun Beverage, Inc. actively promotes responsible and moderate use of beer and wine by adults of legal age who can consume them without harm to themselves or others. 

We promote and support a variety of community programs and organizations addressing drunk driving and illegal underage alcohol use, including Safe Kids Safe Communities, the STOP Underage Drinking in the Flathead Coalition, Flathead CARE, Safe Ride Home Programs and distribution of Drivers License ID booklets. 

Fun Beverage, Inc. believes that a license to sell alcohol is a commitment to sell responsibly and we encourage and support responsible server education and training programs.