Alcohol is unique. Unlike any other product it is the subject of two amendments to the United States constitution. With the 18th and 21st amendments, the history of alcohol in the United States is shaped by radical swings and unparalleled success as our country, states and communities balance regulated availability and control, economic interests and public interests.

The genesis of licensed, independent local distributors or state monopoly, our unique regulations and the essential role and purpose distributor’s play in effective, state-based alcohol regulation can be traced back to the lessons learned from the enormous social cost and abuses of NO regulation and the abject failure of Prohibition. As granted under the 21st amendment and Montana Alcohol Code, distributors have a responsibility and obligation to efficiently and effectively serve BOTH an economic purpose and a public purpose.

It is true that even then it was known and acknowledged that many were greatly injured by it. But none seemed to think that injury arose from the use of a bad thing, but from the abuse of a very good thing.”  Abraham Lincoln

The economic costs of alcohol abuse in Montana, according to the 2010 University Of Montana Bureau Of Business and Economic Research Report is estimated to cost the state over $500 million per year. Because of the potential “abuse of a good thing” and because of  illegal underage use, Fun Beverage, Inc. is dedicated to responsibly distributing and marketing our products in full compliance with all federal, state and local regulations and promoting moderation, temperance and education of responsible alcohol consumption by legal age adults.

Fun Beverage, Inc. actively promotes responsible and moderate use of beer and wine by adults of legal age who can consume them without harm to themselves or others.

We promote and support a variety of community programs and organizations addressing drunk driving and illegal underage alcohol use, including Safe Kids Safe Communities, the STOP Underage Drinking in the Flathead Coalition, Flathead CARE, Safe Ride Home Programs and distribution of Drivers License ID booklets.

Fun Beverage, Inc. believes that a license to sell alcohol is a commitment to sell responsibly and we encourage and support responsible server education and training programs.

It is the responsibility of all adults of legal age who choose to drink, to drink responsibly, in moderation and never drive drunk!